chocolate labyrinth



CHOCODESIGN – CHOCOLATE LABYRINTH we created for customers who appreciate innovation, a sense of humor who know and appreciate the power of advertising gadgets distinguished by originality and uniqueness. It combines a popular, well-known arcade game with delicious milk chocolate, which is hard to resist. GAME MANUAL: The player’s job is to maneuver the chocolates so that both sugar balls are in the designated labyrinth. Eating chocolate has never been so hard! ?Print on packaging: CMYK 4 + 0 + shiny foil 1 + 0
Type of chocolate: milky, optional: white
Net weight: approx. 30 g
Motif on chocolate: standard labyrinth or individual (optional)
Dimensions of the package: approx. 91 x 204 x 16 mm
Minimum order quantity: 100 pcs.