9 mini bars chocolate frame box



  • content: 9 marvellous chocolates mini bars in promotional label
  • available flavour:  milk chocolate with alcoholized pistachio and/or chocolate filling
  •  color of laminate: gold or silver
  • cardboard  package with  transparent
    – variant A: gold or silver cardboard package (frame)
    – variant B: cardboard package (frame) with promotional imprint CMYK 4+0 covered shiny foil
  • decorative gold or silver band or satin ribbon in any available color
  • product size: 154 x 154 x 15 mm
  • decorative gold band or satin ribbon in any color
  • net weight of 1 set: approx. 153 g
  • minimum order: 50 pcs. (VARIANT A ) 100 pcs. (VARIANT B)